On May 23, 2024 we open for the season

Our history

About The Water Mill Museum

The Museum opened in 1969 and strives to tell the story of the hamlet of Water Mill; its people, places and very industrious history.  The building itself dates back to the 18th century and features a massive water-powered grist mill, exhibitions of local history, a colonial garden and more.  Visitors travel back in time as they experience the mill that named the hamlet Water Mill.

We want you to be part of our museum, come experience its beauty and rich history. We offer several ways to let you engage with us to learn about and help maintain our local history. Whether you are a student aspiring a career in history, a philanthropist who loves to preserve historical sites or somebody who enjoys the arts. Come join us and become a member today!

Mission Statement

The mission of the Water Mill Museum is to preserve it's historic water-powered grist mill, the other buildings at it's site, it's museum collection and inform the public about the history of the mill, the hamlet of Water Mill and the hamlet's cultural and natural heritage. The museum's collection will contain items: that best depict the many past uses of the water mill building; the agricultural base of the hamlet's first 300 years, and the commercial, cultural and social development of the hamlet of Water Mill from 1644 to the present. 

To that end, the museum shall: keep in good repair all its buildings; collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret items and information related to the history of the mill and the hamlet; and provide educational programs and exhibits that relate to Water Mill's people and its history. 

Our Board of Directors & Volunteer Team

Sandy Raynor

President / Gift Shop

Donna Liehr

Vice President


Eileen Noonan

Quilt Show/Facebook

Anita Bishop

Corresponding Secretary

Bob Liehr

Membership / Building & Grounds

Faye Andreasen

Calendar / Rentals /Hospitality

Susan McCulley

Newsletter Layout & Mailings

Sue Taylor


Ann Lombardo


Charles Halsey


Cindy Corwith

Recording Secretary

Sherrill Adams

Board Member

Vivian Corwith


Peg Helstowski

Quilt Show

Steven Pieffer

Traveling School Tours

Jeanne White


Rachel Verno

Rachel Verno Museum Director / Manager